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Syrina has been an unbelievable help to my mother in the care of my recovering father. She has lightened the load tremendously in regards to the coordination and scheduling of necessary treatments and visits. The amount of legwork that she took on was tremendous and would have been otherwise overwhelming. She has maintained constant professionalism and obvious true care about the people that she works with. Her assistance has freed up valuable time and resources to rehabilitate my father and made a huge impact on his overall health, well-being & surroundings. I could not emphasize my recommendation of her services enough as it has contributed greatly to the physical and mental recovery of my father who was very, very sick. She is a true saint for her efforts and my family and I are sincerely grateful.

My husband was recently hospitalized with a serious illness that left him in ICU for 32 days. He required Physical and Occupational therapy and numerous procedures and Dr. visits. Syrina was AMAZING with organizing and scheduling procedures and Dr. visits, answering any and all questions we had and helping us through the unknown. Her skills in the medical field helped with relating topics and issues that we were unaware of.  Her services helped free up time to dedicate to my husband’s recovery. Her compassion and genuine concern was a Godsend. I highly recommend her talents and services to anyone in my position.

During a time like this, it is amazing to have a advocate who goes out of their way to make sure the best care is given. Syrina truly cares and let us care for our loved one and know she had everything handled.

Syrina has been an amazing advocate for my parents throughout my fathers recovery and rehabilitation. Her services and abilities have far exceeded my family’s expectations and have given my parents a sense of peace as they navigate through this process. Her professionalism, knowledge, and skills have been unmatched and appreciated by my entire family. I could not recommend Syrina enough to anyone in need of her services.


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