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My name is Syrina Rostash, CEO/Owner of LilKai Concierge Nursing LLC. I have nineteen years, experience as a healthcare worker, first as a Firefighter/Paramedic for five years, and then as a Registered Nurse and Nursing Supervisor for fourteen years. During that time, | realized the serious need to help people better navigate the health care system. Through LilKai Concierge Nursing I will provide personalized nursing services for pre/post-op patients, those recently discharged from the hospital, and others who are in need of a patient advocate to collaborate with their healthcare team. In short, my goal is to provide peace of mind. My services will include reviewing and explaining discharge instructions and ensuring that my clients have a thorough understanding of such directions. I will help my patients schedule follow-up appointments, pick-up prescription medications, and insure they thoroughly understand medication dosage instructions. I believe that my professional medical and education services, administered to both patients and family members, will provide and enhance continuity of care, reduce hospitalizations, and improve a patient’s overall outcome.


To use my medical knowledge and experience to help people better navigate the healthcare system, resulting in faster healing, reduced hospital readmission, and increased patient outcomes, while providing individual care and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


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